About Us

Brough Bay Limited, was registered in East Sussex, England, was the lead company in promoting the north of Scotland, with links to Orkney. The company was formed in 2008. We launched LetsGoSouth in 2013.

North of Scotland Hospitality (NOSH) was a tourism association set up in 1998 by the then owners of the Ben Loyal Hotel and focussed on Caithness and Sutherland, also with links to Orkney. This was backed by John Thurso who was then MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross. John was the main driver behind the brand name LetsGoNorth under which the projects are promoted. NOSH was discontinued in 2012 due to change in circumstances of the Directors of the Company.

The Dunnet Head Educational Trust was formed in 2003 to raise the profile of Dunnet Head as the most northerly point of the UK mainland and was a social enterprise organisation registered at Companies House Scotland. The Trust handled anything within its remit which was non commercial.

The idea of LetsGoNorth was that you could go north from anywhere below the 58 degree latitude – which meant that any company from anywhere south of that could benefit from LetsGoNorth, particularly if they were headed to or had business interests in the far north of Scotland.